It’s A Funny Veterinary World: Photo Gallery

Working as a Veterinarian can be a funny thing. Now and then when the funny thing happens, I happen to have a camera on the ready.

So here for viewing pleasure are some of the odder happenings which I happened to catch on camera:


We all feel this way sometimes: stuck in a tight spot and just can’t get out. Except in this case it was my job to get this dog free! And I did with the help of some tranquilizer and lubricant. No joke!


Sorry about the tilt but you get my drift. It’ not always clear who has crossed the thin line of the law. But not if you turn up wrapped in the ‘Police, Do Not Enter’ tape.

Theft Protected:

Now Veterinarians are a safety-conscious bunch but I don’t know about this one. Let me explain: If there is a fire – simply break the glass, take the key, open the box, take out the fire extinguisher… by the time you are ready to fight that fire there is nothing left to save. On the bright side – that fire extinguisher is theft-protected real good!

Safety Procedures:

Hey, wait a minute… was that ‘Beep,beep’ or ‘Whoop, whoop, whoop?’

Not sure, I was too busy laughing. The sign is from the RMIT building.

Dog In The Bag:

Did I hear someone say that dogs shouldn’t be carried in plastic bags? Nonsense!

Where Did That Parrot Go?

Where did that parrot go? I am sure I had it here, somewhere…

Goat On The Table:

Explains itself, really.

The Solution For Lost Dogs:

OK, so this is how it works. If you lost your dog, don’t bother calling up shelters and Dog Pounds. Just go to the ‘Lost Animal Meeting Point’ and your dog will be waiting for you. Simple. The sign is from Melbourne RSPCA, by the way.

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