A Sobering Tale Of Why Dogs And Lighters Don’t Mix


Here is a heartwarming story of an owner risking his life to save his beloved dog… or is it? You be the judge:

“A South Florida man is recovering from second-degree burns after he tried to save his dog, Ruby, who accidentally caught on fire Tuesday evening, deputies said…

…Telma Botcherby, Ruby’s owner, was treating the dog with flea and tick spray when she noticed a live tick on the floor and tried to burn it with a lighter, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office report. Ruby became startled and jumped across where Botcherby was trying to burn the tick. The dog then burst into flames, officials said…

…Botcherby screamed for her husband, Jess Olivas, who picked up Ruby in his arms and jumped into a swimming pool.”

The fact that flea/tick sprays are very flammable is well know. That’s why they carry a label cautioning to ‘keep away from live flames’. The problem with this story is that the product will only catch fire when coming into direct contact with open flame.

A story I heard once is that of an owner ending up in a similar situation after trying to burn the tick on the dog.

I am not insinuating anything, just retelling a story from my distant work past.

So what really happened? You be the judge.

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