Another Reason Why Cats Are Not Miniature Dogs


New research is arguing that cats see humans as… very large cats:

It turns out cats treat humans as though they were the mama cat.

When a cat rubs against you with its tail straight in the air, it is checking to make sure you are not hostile.

Purring is associated with feeding as kittens and if a cat “kneads” you, that’s how it used to get milk from its mother.

Bradshaw says one sign cats are still mostly wild is that they will go out to breed with feral cats.

But he worries about the future of felines. CNet reports Bradshaw says ”cats now face possibly more hostility than at any time during the last two centuries.”

The bottom line is, cats are not driven by the same pack dynamic as dogs are. Their relationship with humans is much more ‘pragmatic’ – reliant on mutual interests. This should inform our efforts in socializing and training our cats.

As for the ‘hostility’ cats now face, the most hostility the cats I know face is surviving the obesity crisis.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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  1. Hi. Yes, your cat may well put on a bit of weight just after synipag but that should settle down after a few months.You do not say whether your cats are indoor cats or do they go outdoors as well. During the winter the outdoor cats put on weight whilst they laze about in the warm house but once they start spending more time outdoors again, they lose the excess’ weight they have gained. We find that the indoor cats do not have such a great winter weight fluctuation as the cats which go outdoors as well. Personally, I’ve never found a satisfactory way of separating cats feeding to ease one cat having a special diet but if you can, good for you.Cats should always have a mix of wet and dry foods and not just one or the other. When using dry food in addition to wet food, the cat will need less of the wet food than if you just gave them wet food alone. This will help them to maintain their nutritional balance. Also, when putting out dry food, remember to ensure that the cat has a good supply of liquid as well. For dry food our cats all seem to like Iams and their coats seem to be more healthy but it is not cheap. Our cats also like Vitacat Healthy Balance(I believe this is an Aldi own brand) which is much more budget friendly and still keeps them very obviously healthy. For my current cats, these are the two dry foods I try to ensure are in the house at all times as they suit them best. However, the cats will also tolerate short spells on Go-Cat, which has a good variety of flavours to keep them interested, and Whiskas dry food but consistently turn up their noses at Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda dry foods. Over the years, and new cats, I’ve tried most brands and own labels but find that it is a trial and error exercise to find what suits the animals bestHope you find what your girls prefer and the youngest cat’s weight settles soon.(Edited to add the essential reminder to ensure that liquid is available if dry food is used in addition to wet food.)

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