Hints For Choosing Your Veterinarian

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With the cost of Veterinary care on the up and up, it is more important then ever to get value for money.

But is shopping around saving you a penny, or is it just exposing your pet to cut-price, substandard healthcare? After all, who is to know if ‘Fluffy’ is getting the best care or just the best salesman tricks?

Don’t worry, help is at hand. As a Veterinarian of over 10 years, I know how to tell a good professional from a good snake-oil salesman. And here is my top four choose-your-Vet handy hints:

A good Veterinarian…

  • Gives you options. The old saying about many ways to cut a cake applies in Veterinary science too. Very rarely is there a situation when only one plan of action is correct. More often then not, there is a choice to make and you – the owner of the pet, are entitled to make it. A good Vet will put the control into your hands.
  • Tells you estimated cost in advance. Animals are not machines so knowing exactly how much things will end up costing is not always possible. However, a good professional will give you a good educated guess. You should never say Yes to a treatment without having at least an approximate idea of how much it will cost at the and. Oh, and if the situation changes unexpectedly, the Veterinarian should update the estimate promptly and inform you.
  • Likes to answer your questions. Why does my dog need this test? No really, why? A good Veterinarian will tell you exactly what the procedure is for and what it is likely to achieve for your pet. I for one love to explain things to anyone who is willing to listen. At leas this way I know that someone values all those hours I spent in Vet school.
  • Uses the help of colleagues. We don’t know everything, and neither does your Veterinarian. With the economy becoming tight, there is a temptation to hold onto the patient (and the income) and avoid specialist referrals. The reality is – just like human medicine is too vast for one person to know it all, so is Veterinary medicine. Your pet deserves to receive treatment (or at least an offer of treatment) from the best professional in the field. A veterinarian who refuses to offer this is selling you short.

Did that help? I hope it has. Don’t forget – shopping around for cheapest vaccinations and flea treatment might sound tempting, but choose your Veterinarian wisely: he will be the one treating your pet when the emergency strikes!

So take time to make a wise choice.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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