Does Your Veterinarian Needs A Little ‘Reminding’?


We are all human, right? And no one is perfect, right? Even the health professionals sometimes, how should I say it – forget themselves and need a little reminding.

So I was shocked to learn that up to a half of us would feel uncomfortable to remind our Doctor to wash their hands!

What else are we uncomfortable to say out loud – I wondered.

What about my profession – the Veterinarians? Yes, every Veterinarian should wash their hands. Before and after every patient. And if she didn’t – gently remind her. She will thank you for it.

But what about other things you should ‘gently remind’ your Veterinarian about? Here is my list:

– At every vaccination ask your Veterinarian to check your pet’s ears, teeth, nails and don’t forget the anal glands (if you don’t know what they are – read my blog more often).

– So you are at the Vet’s with your dog getting a worm tablet. Get your Vet to give it to your dog on the spot and save yourself the hassle.

– If you ask for a vaccination don’t just settle for a jab! What about other preventatives you could be getting! Make sure you ask for a heart worm, park worm, intestinal worm injection (depending on your location) and save yourself another visit.

– Nail trim – the dread of dog owners. Did you know that most Vets will not charge you extra for it if you are already there for something else? Don’t just stand there – ask. You will be amazed at what you will get.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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