A Dog And A Stroller – How To Survive The Walk!


Here is an article on a little discussed but very important subject: How do you go for a walk with a dog and a stroller at the same time?

“Start now, before your baby arrives! It’s much easier to prepare your dog to run with a jog stroller when there are no funny smells or loud crying associated with it and when there’s no baby to distract you.

Associate the stroller with his favorite treats. If he learns that whenever he’s near the stroller, he gets chicken or steak, he’s going to love the stroller. Before you run with the stroller and dog together, go walking with them both. After a few such outings (if things are going well) start running with your dog and the jogger, continuing to give lots of treats during the run. This empty jogger prep work helped my dog, though people looked at me with great concern when they saw no baby in it.”

Agree wholeheartedly!

Let me just make few more points:

1. If you own a dog and are shopping for a stroller, I strongly recommend a four wheeler! yes, that’s right, that fourth wheel does tend to make the thing a bit more stable. So as much as those three wheelers look cool and trendy, I would pick stability over the yappy appeal.

2. Never, ever tie the lead to the stroller. Yes, I know your dog is always obedient, but I don’t care! Because the one time you dog will not be obedient is one time too many. Some dogs are bred to pull sleds and they are perfectly capable of pulling strollers… In unpredictable directions.

3. Here is a good hint from a pro: keep your dog busy! Give him goals, obedience work, jobs to do. Keep a brisk pace and ask as if you are heading towards a destination. It will give your dog less chance to play up and misbehave. And it will keep the baby occupied too – take it from me, I have four.

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