Will The Zoo Put An End To This Beautiful Friendship?


In a zoo in Israel an amazing bond has developed – a baboon has taken over the care of a young kitten which has strayed into his cage.

Now that Zoo management is threatening to break up the pair and remove the kitten:

“The kitten has refused to leave the cage and the baboon is not letting her feline friend out of her sight, the zoo’s manager told local news website Walla.

Footage filmed by the zoo shows the baboon caring for the kitten, stroking it and checking its fur for fleas as it would care for its own infant.

But zoo officials warned that, despite the bond, the pair do not always get along.

The baboon reportedly has been stealing the kitten’s food.

The zoo’s manager told Walla news that if that continues, the new friends will have to be separated.

For now though, the strange couple seem content with one another’s company.”

I have it on good authority that the reasons why the management is threatening separation is because they feel such friendship is ‘unnatural’. The question is, unnatural for what?

Yes, such cross species bonding is rare. But so often in my experience animals don’t behave the way they are suppose to. Maybe someone out there should starts Facebook petition to keep the pair together.

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