Pittsburgh Zoo Deflects Responsibility For Toddler’s Death

After a tragic death of a toddler mauled by African wild dog at the Pittsburgh Zoo, you would think that the Zoo management would offer an apology and work to correct the fault that led to such tragedy.

You would be wrong:

“No exhibit is fail-proof…

…“Short of putting everything behind glass and solid barriers, it’s hard to make everything absolutely safe,” Mr Warmolts said. “People’s expectations when they come to a zoo or aquarium are to have a meaningful experience where they have that connection with the animals, and it’s hard to do that if they’re looking through a chain-link fence…

..Even with safety standards enforced, Wamolts said, the zoo industry is constantly dealing with “human error” by its visitors. .”

That’s right, don’t go pointing fingers at unsafe enclosures or lazy management. It’s just the way it is, really. You want to feel connected to a Tiger or a Prairie dog, then don’t expect to be bringing your toddler home tonight.

I think what I would like to do is to leave Mr Warmolts in the lion enclosure for a day or two and see if the two of them get ‘connected’ enough.

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