Kristen Stewart Teaches How NOT To Adopt A Dog

Imagine yourself a world movie celebrity in a ton of trouble. How do you get those pesky paparazzi off your back and simultaneously prove yourself a loving, responsible person?

Simple – adopt a dog!

This is what Kristen Stewart has figured must be the ticket out of her troubled predicament. The problem is, in her rash for good publicity she is showing herself an impulsive, naive and irresponsible dog owner:

“I feel like I’ve raised Bear, whereas Bernie, we got her when she was like four, five we’re not positive, but she feels like my roommate. She’s just like living in my house.”

“She was very emotionally manipulative. She really milked it. Then I got her home and she was like ‘I have arrived. I am fine.’

You know, she was very comfortable instantly like taking Bear‘s stuff … I was like ‘You need to slow your roll, girl, and you need to watch it.”

A dog needs assertive leadership, not be ‘like living in my house’. When getting a new dog to live together with an existing dog, it is essential that the two animals are temperament tested to ensure they are compatible. Moreover, it is the owner’s responsibility to be the leader of the pack, not a dog’s roommate.

I am not much of a celebrity watcher, despite many of my (female) friends informing me that they are not Kristen Stewart’s fans. Judging by her inability to act as a responsible dog owner, I fear my friends might be right.





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