This Dog’s Tragic End Is A Warning!

Seal watching tours are very popular these days. The tourists usually watch from the shore or are taken to seals on a boat. The best operators, of course are those who can get the tourists the closest, getting that ‘close up shot’ experience.

The trouble is – seals are not over sized teddy bears. They are a lethal predator of the oceans. Tragically, this dog found that out with dire consequences:

“The dog died after he was attacked in the North Sea near Newburgh, Aberdeenshire.

Upset: Matthew Will could only wacth as a seal killed his dog Fly

Mr Will, of Inverugie, Peterhead, said: ‘There was a sudden and terrific thrashing and howling in the water.

‘I shone my torch towards where Fly had gone in to bring out the duck.

But this huge seal, more than twice the size of the dog, was flinging Fly around and pulling him under the water. I was horrified. The seal was enormous.

‘Both his hind legs were completely crushed and mangled, his rib cage smashed and his left eye torn out. He was pouring with blood and in spasms of agony.”

I can only hope that this dog’s tragic end can be a lesson to all those who fail to treat seals (and other animals in their natural habitat) with due respect.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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  1. That’s horrifying. Poor Fly. You wouldn’t think that would happen. People forget too easily to respect nature.

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