Could Cats Hold The Key To Alzheimers Cure?

Scientists have discovered Alsheimers-like disease in big cats, which could hold the secret to finding the cure in humans:

“In the study, published in the science journal Plos One, researchers examined the carcasses of 14 Tsushima Leopard cats, endangered species living on the western Japanese island of Tsushima. 

Brain tissue from five of them contained Neurofibrillary tangles (NFT), a protein commonly found in human Alzheimer’s patients but rarely found in animals…

…Scientists have long suspected animals suffer from a similar form of dementia as humans.

A study by the University of California Davis revealed nearly a third of dogs aged 11 to 12 years old and 68 percent of those aged 15 to 16 develop some sign of cognitive impairment.”

But here is the mystery – in my experience domestic cats are actually more ‘resistant’ from Alzheimers-like disease then most other animals. Cats, are much more likely to retain their wits to ripe old age then, say – dogs. Maybe what cats can teach us is not how to cure Alzheimers but how to resist it.


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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