How To Fake A Grassroots Movement – User’s Guide

As we all know, getting your message out with paid advertising can be a tough task. So how do you give you product cheap exposure to the public? Easy – fake a people’s movement:

“A group of courageous dogs and pet owners gathered in Union Square Tuesday to march alongside their pitched tents, with posters and megaphones in hand.

While the scene may have looked like a flashback to the heyday of Occupy Wall Street, closer inspection revealed the spectacle was actually “Doggupy” — a movement hoping to bring better quality food for dogs everywhere.

The event was sponsored by Merrick Pet Care, a dog food company specializing in using real, locally sourced whole foods for dogs, to help raise awareness of the nutritional benefits that can come from feeding dogs quality food.”

That’s right – it’s a marketing ploy orchestrated by one dog food company. That being said, some of the people turning out for these events genuinely believe they are supporting some good social cause.

I personally recommend that everyone reading this stops buying Merrick Pet Care products and tell all their friends to do the same. Not because I think there is anything wrong with these products – I just hate the idea of being played for a fool or watching other people played for fools. Then again, isn’t that what ‘Occupy Wall Street’ was?

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  1. Bill Hicks once said ” If your in advertising kill yourself now….” Ad agencies jump on band wagons as quick as fleas jump to a new host, so it is not surprising that they have done this. I hope that others don’t follow suit.

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