Think Dogs On Marihuana Are Funny? It’s Doing The Same To You!


Since medical marihuana became legalized, the the incidence of marihuana poisoning in dogs has increased four times. The ‘stoned dogs’ YouTube videos are a comedy hit. The sad fact is, many of the poisoned dogs die. But here is the question – if marihuana is doing this to the dogs, what is it doing to people?

“Dr. Stacy Meola, a veterinarian in Wheat Ridge, helped put together the study that shows the number of dogs that fall ill to marijuana has quadrupled in Colorado since medical marijuana became legalized.

“I just want dogs, kids to be safe. It needs to be treated like any other drug. If you came home with a prescription of vicodin from your doctor you wouldn’t just leave it sitting there,” Dr. Meola told CBS4.

But dogs getting high in Colorado is nothing new. In 2011, the Durango Herald spoke with Jennifer Schoedler, a veterinarian at Alpine Animal Hospital, who has seen dogs getting sick from marijuana since the 90s. “Dogs love the stuff,” Schoedler told the Herald. “I’ve seen them eat the buds, plants, joints and marijuana in food.”

it’s not that dogs are that different to people – they are just more sensitive. The fact is – marihuana is a poison. It will do severe damage to a dog and a less severe, more insidious damage to a human. So to all those people getting high on ‘medicinal’ marihuana while laughing at their stoned dog stumbling about – don’t laugh too soon. That stuff is doing the same to you.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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