Who Needs Animal Experts. Just Call A Lawyer Instead!

A Judge in Alabama has ordered the euthanasia of 33 dogs. He did it not because the dogs have injured anyone or caused any harm. No, in sending 33 dogs to their death Court District Judge Allan Furr was satisfied with the character reference of one police officer:

“Furr made his decision this afternoon after hearing testimony from Leeds police Detective A. R. Holman that the dogs acted aggressively toward animal control workers who caged them and took them from the home on Weaver Avenue.

“The dogs were constantly barking, lunging at the bars and trying to get out of the cages,” Holman said. She said they growled, snarled and bit at catch poles during the seizure, which she said took a total of about three hours.”

I don’t mean to question Detective Holman’s excellent policing abilities, but one wonders what skill the Detective possesses to make a judgement about character and behavior of 33 dogs. The court reports suggest that the dogs were never let out of the cages or examined individually.

One might suggest that when life-and-death decisions need to be made, an expert in the field should be called in to make the assessment. Just don’t tell Allan Furr.


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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