Black Caviar’s Return To Racing – Cruelty At Its’ Worst!

When is a horse race a ticket to animal cruelty? When the star attraction is battling a chronic muscle strain:

“After injury almost ruined her historic trip to Royal Ascot, where she just won her 22nd consecutive race, there had been fears the wonder horse would be retired.

But after close inspection in runs over the past week, Moody was happy she was fully recovered, and in a position to get ready for Melbourne and Sydney’s Autumn carnivals next year.

Black Caviar hasn’t raced since Royal Ascot, with the mare spending the intervening three months recuperating in England and in Victoria.

She has been doing light exercise for the past three weeks.”

As a Veterinarian, I know that there is no ‘recovery’ from the kind of musculo-skeletal injury Black Caviar has suffered. The best a trainer can hope for is managing the animal’s chronic pain. That’s why the original decision to retire Black Caviar to stud was the right one. So why would the trainer and owners reverse their decision and return the horse back to professional racing? Keep in mind, this horse has done no heavy work for months, with the kind of impact on muscles and joints that can not be undone.

The answer, I suspect is the astronomical financial rewards the return of such brand-name horse brings. They talk about trainers loving their horses. I suppose love can be pushed aside if the money is good enough. Will Black Caviar win her next race? Maybe. Horses are knopwn to run through pain. One thing is for sure,  they will never resurrect her stellar career. When you see this wonder-horse run again, you will be watching animal cruelty.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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