Dog Stroller – Why You Need One

OK, I know it sounds a little crazy. and when I see a person walking by with a dog in a stroller I also used to sneer and think to myself ‘rich good-for-nothings’ or ‘it’s a dog, not a child, silly’ or whatever. But not any more. Because once I thought about it, there are some sound reasons why you might want a stroller for your dog:

  1. Leg problems. It’s a simple one but highly underrated. If your dog has problems with their legs, and I don’t mean paralysis – I just mean arthritis or hip displasia or just getting tired after a long walk: a doggy-stroller could be a sensible option. Unless your dog is over 20kg, obviously. But you can understand that yourself.
  2. Contact issues. Maybe you want your dog to stay away from other dogs – perhaps you are warried about infection risks in that particular area. Or maybe your dog is on an immuno-suppressive medication (like cortisone or chemotherapy) and even a brief contact with another dog could cause life threatening infection. A stroller will give you control of where your dog goes (or not goes).
  3.  Behaviour Issues. This one works both ways. Either dour dog is aggressive and will tear others to bits or you are worried that another dog could tear your to bits instead. Either way a dog-pram is a good security tool.

So if you fall into any of the categories above – don’t hesitate. And don’t worry about what others think – it’s their problem, not yours.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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