How To Save On Dog Food

I wouldn’t be telling you anything new if I say that dog food is very expensive!

Pound for pound, buying dog food is not that different in price then buying human food for you and I. Which is a real rip-off because most of the dog food brands use off-cuts and cheaper meats to make up the required protein ratios.

Before I tell you haw to save money on dog food, this is how not to save money on dog food:

Don’t buy the cheap supermarket brand dog food.

Why not? Because the ingredients are substandard.

Don’t believe me? Here is a little test. Take the bag of cheap food and compare the’ Ingredients’  panel on the back with a more expensive brand. Don’t bother with the Protein, Fat, etc. panel. Look instead at the list of ingredients: Remember, the ingredients are listed in order of volume/weight. On the more expensive diet the first ingredient will be meat. On the cheap brand dog food the first ingredient will be a cereal grain (wheat, oats, corn, maize, etc.) and as much as dogs like grain, last time I checked bread and pastries are not their natural diet.

So how do you save money:

  • Buy in big bags. Big bags are always cheaper then smaller sizes of the same diet.
  • Shop in bigger retail outlets. This one is not always true, by the way but most of the time the bigger outlets will use their buying power and pass some of the savings to you.
  • Don’t buy the ’boutique’ brands. You know how I said ‘you get what you paid for’? Well it’s not always true. The best value is in the mid-range dog foods. The more expensive ‘holistic’, ‘natural’, ‘high protein’ diets are mostly hype and offer no real health benefits. Stay away from them.
  • Cook for your dog! Seriously. If you really want to save money, why not cook for your dog. Make sure your dog gets a good variety of meats/vegetables and stay away from human flavourings and spices. Taken on price alone, home cooking is the cheapest way to feed your dog. By the way, this doesn’t apply to cats. The amino-acid dietary requirements of cats are very specific and I don’t recommend home cooking to avoid defficiencies.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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