Classical Music Is Good For Your Dog – Study

The evidence is in and it’s official – Classical music is good for your dog:

Playing classical music to dogs housed in kennels on either a temporary or permanent basis results in them spending more time sleeping, and less time vocalizing, report researchers.

However, not all music had this effect – heavy metal music appeared to increase behaviors associated with nervousness, such as body shaking, the team found.

Shelters are inherently stressful environments for most dogs since they induce social isolation or restriction, which is known to lead to development of physiologic and behavior problems. The results of this study suggest that “playing classical music might help ameliorate some of these negative aspects.”

Any kennel or animal shelter you ever walk into has music playing – I am talking about the back rooms, not the front desk. And since most of the staff working at kennels are on lowest wage and young, the music is usually a mixture of pop and rock. This research proves that it’s not a very good combination for our pets. I am personally a classical music fan so I give this research two thumbs up. Some of my younger colleagues would be disappointed that dogs don’t like Rihanna.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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