Should Queen Elisabeth Get Another Dog?

It has been announced that the Queen’s oldest dog Monty has died. The cause of the death has not been disclosed. Already animal welafer and special interest groups are trying to get mileage of the event: PETA has sent the queen a letter urging her to adopt her next dog from a dog shelter.

“We hope that if you choose to open your heart and home to a
new dog, you will consider saving a life by adopting from a
local shelter. Thousands of dogs, including many corgis, are
currently languishing in animal shelters across the country, all
in desperate need of loving homes.”

There is another, more pragmatic consideration for the Queen adopting a dog from a pet shelter. I don’t mean to offend the Queen by saying this but the fact is – she is not very young. Even with her (impressive) financial independence and an army of servants on call, would the Queen be able to look after a young puppy with all of its’ needs and energy?

This advice applies not just to the Queen but to all those considering a new dog. Whenever I see a new puppy (estimated lifespan – 18 years) in the arms of an octogenarian lady pensioner (estimated lifespan …) I wonder if the consideration was given to a good ‘dog-owner fit’. That’s not to say that old people can’t have dogs – quite the opposite. Dogs can be a tremendous help to an older person and there are hundreds of aged pets waiting for adoption in the shelters near you. It’s just that what a decision is taken to add another pet to the household, these factors should not be overlooked.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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