These Dogs Are Real Heros

Jinx and his handler

The American Humane Association ‘Hero Dog’ awards are an amazing selection:

“Tatiana is a Hearing Dog, and has been nominated in that category. As many hearing dogs are trained to do, Tatiana alerts her owner, Cristina Saint-Blancard, of Plantation, FL, to ringing alarms or doorbells.

Saint-Blancard has a history of asthma exacerbated by frequent ear infections due to of Meniere’s disease. “Tatiana somehow knows a few seconds prior to an attack (from Meniere’s disease, an inner ear issue which triggers balance problems), which causes me to become dizzy and fall,” she says. “Before I had Tatiana, I cracked my head open and broke bones. Now, she tells me to sit down and I don’t fall. Not only am I safer, but I feel like I’m finally independent. She is my hero, for sure.”


“On June 29, 2011, Berks County, PA Deputy Sheriff K-9 Handler Kyle Pagerly was shot and killed while attempting to execute a felony warrant. The entire team of officers involved would likely have been shot if not for a German Shepherd dog named Jynx.

“The suspect was hiding at night (in a sniper’s nest in the woods) dressed in camouflage, and ready with an automatic weapon to shoot and kill every officer (coming down the trail), and he might have,” says Alecia Pagerly, sheriff Pagerly’s widow. “Jynx followed the scent, not the trail, and surprised the suspect and began to bite him. Yes, (the suspect) got a few shots off, and my husband unfortunately didn’t come home that night. But others did because of Jynx.”

Amazing! We forget to think about the dogs working to help their humans every day.

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