Dogs Farewell Postman – Oh, The Delicious Irony!

In the village of Westover the dogs and their owners have thrown a party for the retiring Postman:

“For nearly 10 years of an almost 30-year career as a mail carrier, Wright, who is 66 and lives in West Hanover Twp., has delivered mail and friendship to the people on his route. And he has delivered affection, attention and dog biscuits to every single one of their dogs — every day he worked.

Big dogs received big biscuits. Little dogs received little biscuits. Dogs that needed soft treats received those. Wright would give the treats directly to the dogs or leave them in mailboxes.

“The dogs just thought the mailboxes were magical,” Wright said.

Craig’s two dogs, B and Sky, waited at the window every day for Wright. Bill Habacivch’s dog, Cookie, would occasionally get out of the yard and follow Wright’s truck as he drove along his route. Wright would bring Cookie home.”

So I guess, this is the one time all those dogs didn’t try to bite the poor guy.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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