Newsflash: Pudsey Gets A Real Job

Has your mother ever told you – dancing is not a real job? Well, now Pudsey, the canine winner of ‘Britain Got Talent’ is taking that advice to heart and getting a real job – as as judge on the TV show ‘Top Dog Model’:

“Ashleigh and Pudsey have been helping with the training. ‘It’s been great fun,’ says Ashleigh. ‘I haven’t done my own classes for quite a while, because we’ve been so busy since we won BGT, so it’s good to go back and do that.’

The contest will really hot up when it reaches the final challenges for the last six dogs left in the competition, with each animal getting to make its own advert for a mobile phone company
The winner will land a contract for an advertising campaign.  

The other judges are Hollywood dog agent Addison Witt, X Factor graduate and I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! winner Stacey Solomon, and Chanel model  Lilah Parsons. 
How are they all getting on? 

‘There are some disagreements,’ says Ashleigh. ‘And some of our deliberations do go on for rather a long time.”

Is this just me? Or does this show have a ‘forgettable gimmick’ written all over it?

That being said, if any of the show’s Producers are reading this, you guys should definitely look after the contestants’ health. This Veterinarian is more then happy to offer his services. You know – safety first!

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