Which Kitty Litter Is Best For Your Cat?

The choice of kitty litter is no laughing matter – cats are very particular where they urinate and the wrong substrate will make them reluctant to use the litter tray increasing the risk of spraying and bladder infections.

There is no best kitty litter. Different cats have different preferences. Once you find the right thing – don’t change. The worst thing you can do is keep buying the cheapest ‘on sale’ kitty litter every other time. Remember – cats don’t like change.

Less ‘frills’ is better. You know those fancy litters – scented, deodorised, etc. Stay away from those. The plainer your choice is, the better.

Some of my favourite (and most frequently preferred by cats) choices are derived from paper. They tend to be the cheapest too, which is a bonus.

If all else fails –  shredded paper does wonders. You can make it yourself – take newspapers, tear them up, put into litter tray. It’s that simple. And it works!

Don’t disregard other aspects of toileting: multiple litter trays (you must have more trays then you do cats!) , covered trays (some cats like them), trays in non-traffic areas (cats like solitude for toileting – I am not kidding).

Also address any social conflict between cats in the same household. This is a huge problem in multi-cat households! But that’s a subject of another article.


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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