This Is Not ‘Luxury’. This Is Dangerous!

This is meant to be one of those funny dog stories – an owner pays £1,250 to have her dog travel in his own aeroplane seat:

And a seat is what he gets, not a space on the floor at the back of the plane near the lavatories, not a dedicated mat next to the exit. 

At one point, Dylan stares out of the window of the Lear40 jet and seems genuinely enthralled by the wispy cloud formation gathering a few hundred feet below. 

He enjoys the landing, too, as we soar over the Mediterranean and as buildings come into focus as the pilot makes his descent.”

The fact is – having a dog unrestrained on the aeroplane seat is actually very dangerous. A teat belt will not protect a dog from injuries if the plane hits a pocket of turbulence. Moreover, a dog can get distressed due to the plane’s movement and pressure changes and containing a panicked dog while buckled down to your own seat is a recipe for disaster.

Dogs travel in closed containers not due to ‘stinginess’ but because that is the safest place for them.

And who ever said that rich people are smart!

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