Teaching The Chinese That Dogs Are Much Better To Love Then To Eat

China’s estimated pet-care market is worth $1.2 billion this year. I am not sure how much China’s dog eating market is worth:

Note the way these dogs sit with their owners during the procedure – no cages here.

“Increasing disposable incomes and the popularity of pets have greatly boosted the pet care services industry in China. More people are willing to spend money to support their loyal companions,” said Tian Haiyan, director of the Beijing Guanshang Animal Hospital in Xicheng district. “More dogs in China are now truly living with their families as a member.”

This view is echoed by Euromonitor, which estimates that a 35 percent jump in pet ownership was seen in the country since 2000. Some 33 million households keep a cat or a dog in China. The expenditure on pet care will reach 7.84 billion yuan ($1.23 billion) this year, a 46 percent increase since 2007, said the firm.

The London-based firm also estimates that the market will increase a further 64 percent by 2017, with 12.9 billion yuan expected to be splurged on pet food, healthcare and dietary supplements.”

When it comes to educating the Chinese people about animal welfare and responsible ownership, there is a lot of work to do. Hopefully with all that new money, the Chinese will choose to care for their dogs rather then eat them.

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