Think Twice Before You Give To This Dog ‘Charity’

When you donate your hard-earned dollars to a charity which purports to help homeless dogs, you hope that the charity will do just that – help homeless dogs, not spend thousands on a questionable treatment for one dog while others suffer from starvation and neglect:

“Milagros Caninons (Canine Miracles) a Mexican foundation for dogs took custody of Pay de Limon late last year and have raised donations to pay for his prosthetic legs.

‘Pay de Limon had the misfortune of running into an organized crime group and they used him to practice cutting off each one of his paws, like they do when they cut fingers off human beings that have been kidnapped.’ Patricia Ruiz, the founder of Milagros Caninos explained to Reuters.

Because no facilities exist in Mexico for fitting dogs with prosthetic legs, moulds of the Pay de Limon’s legs were sent to a Colorado-based company which specialises in braces and prosthetics for dogs and other animals.”

A double-prosthesis on a dog is a rarely-performed procedure with questionable benefits. I also doubt there is adequate long term follow up for this street dog.

There are thousands of street dogs in Mexico-city living in squalor, starvation and suffering from preventable diseases. Many of them could have benefited from a small share of the money spent on providing questionable treatment for this one dog.

I understand that these big-ticket cases provide publicity and media exposure but that doesn’t change the fact that administering treatment like this is simply unethical.

As for me, I wouldn’t be donating to Milagros Caninons, whoever they are. And I suggest you do the same.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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