It’s Funny How Defending The Rights Of Some Lets You Trample On Rights Of Others

The CFMEU Union members are angry. They fight to defend workers’ rights, which gives them the right to abuse the rights of others. In the photo below, a protester is seen punching a Police horse in the face with his fist:

If you get in the way of ‘workers rights’. you better move over or else. Even if you are a horse.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. Ebony

    I feel nothing but disgust for these thugs that are punching and pushing horses. Their behaviour really puts unions in a poor light.

    • Not just ‘in poor light’ – it’s a demonstration of how those who claim to act out of ‘compassion’, use their anger as a justification to hurt others.

  2. Emma

    I cant see anyone punching a horse in this photo and I have watched the footage from this protest and the reason they have their fists in the air is because they were singing a union chant. Can you point out to me the punching in the photo? Also, I squarely blame the police if any of the horses were hurt. They shouldnt be using horses in this way. P.s I am an animal lover too but I also like to be objective and find out the facts before I make any claims.

    • Indeed, the photos are unclear as photos often are. I have had a number of personal comments from the Police (and one from a disillusioned CFMEU member) that the protesters targeted horses for attacks. As for your second point, you are saying that the people doing the violence should not be blamed. As an animal defender, I will never accept that argument regardless of excuses made.

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