This Is Not ‘Kindness’ – This Is Cruelty


This story is quite frightening in its’ cruelty, more so when you consider that the cruelty was done in the name of ‘animal welfare’.

An American based charity group has found a sick dog in Singapore. The dog was clearly terminally ill and in severe pain. And here comes the cruel twist: to fulfill what they called ‘the dog’s dying wish’, the group kept the dog alive and in agony:

“He was dying. He did not have much time left,” the video says. “But he did not want to be put to sleep.”
That’s when the group decided to fulfill Ol Boy’s “dying wish.”
They took him home for his final days so that he could “feel the warmth and love” of being cared for – for the first time in his life.”

Keeping a terminally ill dog in agony is not kindness. It is the most cruel, painful form of animal abuse I can imagine. A dog without a possibility of recovery deserves the ultimate kindness – humane euthanasia. To deprive the dog of that is animal abuse.

Dogs are not people. People can internalize, justify and transcend pain. Dogs can not. A human pain can sometimes be ‘for a higher purpose’. A dog’s pain never is.

This is not the only, or even the most cruel thing I have seen people do in the name of ‘kindness to animals’. Sadly, I feel the instances of ‘animal rights’ movements causing suffering and pain to animals are on the increase.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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