When It Comes To Poisonous Dog Treats, Don’t Expect Answers From China

Faced with mounting evidence that Chinese – made dog treats are killing dogs, the Peoples’ Republic has responded in the only way it knows how – by banning the investigation:

“According to Thursday’s publication of NBC News, it is apparent that China will not be lending a hand in determining what the problem is.

According to the article, newly released reports show that the Chinese government is refusing to allow FDA inspectors to collect and test samples to help determine why these products are making dogs ill.

In fact, if samples are allowed to be taken, the government is requiring that only Chinese-run laboratories be allowed to do the testing.”

As well all know, most of the products on the department store shelves today are made in China. Thankfully, most of the processed food we eat is still made in first world countries. This is good because the concept of Quality Control is a foreign concept in China.

When it comes to dog food, the story is different. A lot of the (budget) dog and cat food is already made in China.

For all of you concerned for your pets, my advice is simple: don’t buy Chinese-made pet food. The standards are low, the food is unsafe and your dogs’ lives shouldn’t be risked with.

One thing is for certain – if anything happens, you wouldn’t get any assistance with finding the responsible party.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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