Are Central Valley Meat Co. Methods Inhumane? Veterinary View

A video filmed by an animal rights group ‘Compassion Over Killing’ purports to show cruel and inhumane animal handling practices at the Central Valley Meat Company.

Warning. The video below has Strong Graphic Content:

So does the footage above cruel practice? Since the images were captured by an animal rights group I was sceptical. However, after watching the images I am certain that the methods used were inhumane and the staff poorly trained.

Here are a few points to note:

1. Captive bolt slaughter is not humane. Many claim that captive bolt slaughter (or ‘stunning’ – a variation on captive bolt) is the most humane slaughter method. This video demonstrates the nonsense of such claims.

2. The basic animal husbandry guidelines are not followed. The video shows abattoir workers trying to move a line of cattle backwards by moving the front cow. This is the kind of blatant ignorance of basic animal handling principles that makes any animal behaviour specialist (including myself) stand up.

I have long argued that leaving animal slaughter in the hands of  workmen, no matter with what training is setting the standard unacceptably low. Watching the video above – irrespective of your ideological view, I bet you would find it hard to disagree.

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