Warning: Walking Your Dog May Be ‘Culturally Insensitive’

This man was arrested, detained and threatened with criminal charges all for walking his dog through a public park. Why? Because on his way, the dog happened to walk past a group of Muslims:

“Cupcake, a trained therapy dog that will begin visiting patients at Sunnybrook hospital this fall, was on a leash during the rally, and wore an Israeli flag around its neck.

Some devout Muslims consider dogs to be unclean and make efforts to avoid them.

Einstoss said after two young Muslim women asked about Cupcake, he was told by a male Al-Quds demonstrator he was “not allowed to go near our women” with the dog. Einstoss said that after exclaiming his right to go where he pleased, he walked away with Cupcake, but was “punched in the chest” by another demonstrator.

Einstoss shoved back, and within seconds was grabbed by several officers.

He claimed that while in custody, one officer called him “insensitive” for attending an Islamic rally with a dog.

Einstoss added his assailant wasn’t even questioned by police.

The officer allegedly threatened Einstoss with charges of incitement to riot and assault. After around 30 minutes, Einstoss was let go after agreeing to leave Queen’s Park.”

As you all know, if your rights get in the way of the rights of our Muslim friends – you better move over or else.

This blog has quite of few loyal European readers and for all of you I say – prepare to hear this type of think a lot more often in the years to come.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. Allan

    I’m going to be suing that animal that kicked my dog.


    • Hi Allan,

      Nice of you to join the conversation. Since the only account of the event I have is the official ‘Toronto Star’ version, I would love you to write your side of the story.

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