Mandatory Dog Training? Count Me In

Here is a bright idea. How about we include the cost of dog training sessions into dog registration fees!

“Dog behavioural expert and Australian Veterinary Association spokeswoman Doctor Kersti Seksel said she supported mandatory training because dogs that were taught “good manners” were less likely to offend.

Almost 60 per cent of more than 1400 respondents to an adelaidenow survey yesterday said dog training should be compulsory.

A further 21 per cent said training should be mandatory for specified breeds.

Respondents also resoundingly blamed either the owner or circumstance for attacks, not the animal.”

You would never let an untrained amateur handle a firearm or drive a car. So why is the dog any different!

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. Dog training is very important for your dog as it will not only solve your dog’s behaviour problems, but sometime save the life of your dog too. The “lure and reward” method to teach your dog to sit works well. You’ll lure your dog into a sitting position, then immediately reward her. It’s a popular method because it’s effective, easy for you to do, and easy for your dog to learn.

  2. I have a german shephard, and I can’t really controle her. Her name is Luca, and is about 2 years old. I actually considered contacting a dogtrainer, because she is out of controle from time to time. Vadim, what do you suggest? Thank you.

    • Dear Morten.
      The dog you own right now is more dangerous then a loaded gun. If Luca gets out of control and bites someone, two things will happen – you will go to jail and Luca will be killed. I am sure you don’t want either to happen. So run to the telephone right now and call a dog trainer or your local Veterinarian. Until you do, don’t let Luca be in an environment where she can do damage (presence of people, other dogs). This is not a joke, this is very serious.

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