Forget Dogshaming. How About Owner-Shaming!

The idea of ‘Dogshaming‘ was born on Tumblr. It’s simple – owners post photos of their dogs next to a note of how the dog was ‘naughty’. Such as ‘I ate my owner’s underwear’ or ‘I dug up the garden’ or whatever.

I say, why not make this game a little more interesting – dogs can’t take responsibility for their actions but their owners can.

So how about instead we start posting photos of owners next to a not saying how they have been unfair to their dog.

Here are some of my first suggestions:

‘I didn’t take my dog for vaccinations on time’

‘Sometimes I can’t be bothered to take my dog for a walk’

‘I haven’t fixed my back fence so Fluffy keeps escaping’.

So come on, start owning up to it.


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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