The Kennel Club’s Dance With Hypocrisy

In the effort to promote itself as the humane, caring voice for dogs, the Kennel Club is banning certain ‘degrading’ and ‘unnatural’ dance moves by dogs:

“When Pudsey the dog triumphed on Britain’s Got Talent, it led to a surge of interest in the little-known pastime of dog dancing.

The animal’s performance, ­ pirouetting on his hind legs and weaving through the arms of his 16-year-old owner, Ashleigh Butler, prompted other owners to have a go with their pets.

But some of the dance moves being attempted have so alarmed the Kennel Club that it has announced a ban on certain tricks.

The organisation — the UK’s ­governing body for dog activities — has outlawed moves it considers “extreme” or “unnatural” for fear they could injure the animals.

It has also introduced new rules against routines that are “degrading” to the dogs. This includes dressing the animals in costumes — although fancy dress is still permitted for their handlers.”

‘Degrading’? If you want to ban something degrading, unnatural and harmful to dogs, how about the cruel sport of dog racing which results in numerous, leg fractures, toe amputations and a few deaths every single year?

I had the (dis)pleasure of assisting at a dog track of few occasions and the kind of musculo-skeletal injuries you see are appalling. This iis in addition to the cruel way the sport treats old dogs and failed racers.

Of course the Kennel Club will do no such thing as speaking out against dog racing will deprive them of revenue. It’s always easier to posture against a dog on back legs then a lawyered-up multinational operation.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. I agree, there is a lot of hypocrisy among professional dogbreeders too! Many of them seem to believe that they are the only ones that should be allowed to breed or are capable of breeding, yet their dogs receive less love than small-time breeders with only one or two bitches. Many of these so called ‘professional breeders’ have their dogs in small cages all day long! Then they have the nerve to accuse breeders who don’t have a ‘website’ or many dogs etc of doing it ‘just for the money’. Hypocrites! Since when did having a website show evidence that your dogs are well looked after and given the love and attention that a dog deserves? They are the ones who are making the money, and that’s why they don’t like to see anyone else breeding. I once went to an Alaskan Malamute kennel which was advertised through the kennel club and had its own website. It also had many champion ‘Showdogs’ yet I was disgusted to find about 20 dogs all in separate small cages in a large shed! They were starved for attention! Give me a smalltime breeder who only breeds one or two litters a year but makes sure his dogs are healthy and loved anytime! Ive even had a professional breeder who I informed that I had a litter of pups myself, warn me about all the dogs that end up in dog pounds like there was more chance my pups would end up there than his ! aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!! Take the log out of your own eyes people!!!

  2. Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological globe
    the whole thing is existing on web?

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