‘Lucky’ Dog? Or Lucky Estate Administrator?

In Texas a dog (appropriately) named Lucky has inherited a fortune in antique furniture and other treasures:

‘Former owner Kenneth Bortz stored up enough treasures to fill ten homes. When his partner died, Bortz had no one to share his fortune except his dogs — and Lucky is the last one…

…Tim Connolly, the trust manager. Connolly said he was was once named the heir to the estate until Bortz changed his will and gave it all to Lucky the dog.

“Kenneth took care of him well in terms of just the basic necessities,” Connolly said.

Now Lucky lays claim to the finer things in life.’

Maybe it’s the cynic in my but I feel the winner in this bonanza is not the dog but the estate administrator. After all, Lucky can’t exercise his right to choose how the money is spend. And if I know dogs, a dog wants nothing more then a caring owner and a loving home. Forget the antiques.

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