You See A Dog Sleeping, I See A Dog In Need Of Medication

The picture of an older dog sleeping on his owner’s chest as they swim in the lake have circled the globe.

Many have commented on how peaceful the dog is and how caring the owner must be. All of that is absolutely true, of course.

But when I watch the closing minutes of the video above I see something else. I see an old dog suffering osteoarthritis in need of medication. In the whole segment at no time does the owner mention using anti-inflammatory medication to relieve this dog’s pain. Indeed, he may be using it anyway but if not, this dog is indeed missing out on what I know to be a very effective method of improving this old dog’s lot in life.

That’s not no dismiss other, more natural means of pain control. I always say, use what works for your dog. But it’s because I know how well medication works that I suggest, strongly suggest to all owners to consider it in addition to other means thy may be using.

It is said that the Veterinarian of the dog was inundated with calls to pay for the dog’s medication. That’s great, but what about the owner taking responsibility for their own pet?

I say, swimming in the ocean is great but don’t forget to use the things we know will work!



About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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