Swine Flu Is Back! So Stop Warrying!


The bad news of the day is that the dreaded Swine Flu is back!

Illinois State Fair has seen a number of people infected. The organizers are taking measures to try and minimize the spread of infection by installing more hand washing stations, etc.

So is it time to panic? Actually not at all.

First of all this strain of bird flu is the H3N2, not the dreaded H5N1 which caused the global pandemic in 2009. The fact is – Swine Flu is common and has been around for a very long time.

The symptoms of this flu are usually the same as … regular flu. You know, sneezing, runny nose, temperature, aching bones, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. Don’t get me wrong, flu can be a killer. Especially for the old and sick. But that’s all flu, not just the Swine variety.

So take a deep breath. Relax, the world is not ending. Wash your hands, try to avoid people sneezing on you. And if you feel Ill, take a day off. They say the sooner you start recuperating, the shorter the illness will be. And now you even have an excuse for your boss. Just say it’s Swine Flu. You will get a day off in no time.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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