Should You Get A Dog For Your Dog?


That’s the question posed in this ‘New York Post’ article:

“Just as city parents deliberate over the practicality of adding another baby to the brood in a metropolis where space is limited and day care prices high, so do the city’s dog owners. That’s with good reason, says Andrea Arden, the director of Andrea Arden Dog Training. That old adage about how it’s as easy to have two dogs as it is one? “Absolutely not true,” she says. “That’s like saying it’s as easy to have two children.

Hey, hold it right there! Dogs are not children. They are animals evolved to live in a pack structure. People who confuse the needs of a dog and a child are not doing their dog a favor. They are actually harming the dog and setting themselves up for a major dominance conflict.

Our society preaches equal rights. But there are no equal rights in the dog world. If a dog doesn’t see a leadership figure in his life, he will assume the leadership role himself. And the way dogs establish leadership is by pulling others into line, by force if necessary. That means you. So don’t delude yourself that your dog is your equal. There is no equality in the dogs’ world. You are either on top or you are at the bottom. That doesn’t mean physical punishment. Not at all. It means that you, the owner must set the rules. Rules and structure are what separates a well behaved pet from an out-of-control monster on his way to the nearest SPCA surrender centre. Don’t become a statistic. Take charge and teach your dog to listen and to follow. Your dog will thank you for it.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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