‘Pets Paradise’ Has Gone Bust. I Am Not Complaining

Australia’s largest pet-store chain has gone bust. You wouldn’t hear me complaining:

Pets Paradise has been placed into receivership after the Bank of Melbourne seized control of the ailing chain of 62 pet stores controlled by Gary Diamond.

The Bank of Melbourne, which is owed $11 million, yesterday appointed Deloitte as receivers to Pets Paradise, part of Diamond’s Paradise Retail Holdings group.

Deloitte Restructuring Services partners Tim Norman, Sal Algeri and John Greig have been appointed as receivers and managers of a number of companies in the Pets Paradise and Billy Baxter’s restaurants group of companies, which includes Pet Goods Direct and Pets R Fun.

The group has a workforce of 170 staff across its operations and Norman said stores operated by franchisees are not in receivership.

A creditors’ meeting will occur shortly along with a sale of the businesses.’

Pets Paradise has been known to abuse and neglect dogs in their care. When all their stores close down I will have a smile on my face.

By the way, Gary Diamond also owns the pet-store chain ‘Pet Goods Direct’. If I was a service provided I wouldn’t be doing any business with them right now in case I never see my payment!

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. Any news on what will happen to the animals? RSPCA?

    • Good question. The shops are still trading. If the liquidator decides to shut the shops down, the pets would need to be found homes for.

    • hi, i used to work for Pets Paradise for 4 years, in that time, out store gave the upmost care to the animals etc…. The dogs will not go to the RSPCA, they would have there price reduced down completley untill sold, or given back to the people who bought in the animals, i hope that helped your querie 🙂

      • ‘Price reduced down until sold?’ I can picture the kind of owner the ‘bargain basement’ price will attract. Going for adoptions through the RSPCA would have been better. Then again, Pets Paradise didn’t make their money by giving merchandise away.

  2. Sylvia

    I purchased a Pup from Pets Paradise 4 years ago. She had parvovirus nearly died. Our vet
    saved her and she is now a delightful pup. Good by stores that sell animals hip hip

  3. E

    Pets Paradise has been known to abuse and neglect dogs in their care.

    Wow, working for pets paradise I often abused animals and never fed them?- Said no one ever!

    If you actually came into the store and spoke to the people about the animals and the level of care they recieve, you might find out all the extra work that goes into working there. we dont show up at 9 and leave at 5… ever!

    • I don’t blame the employees at the shop front. They are just retail staff. I do know from personal experience how the puppies we see in the shop window are bred in terrible conditions. As an RSPCA Veterinarian I have witnessed.these cruel conditions with my own eyes.

      • The puppies seen in the shop window do not come from horrible conditions. They come from the public, people who care about animals.

      • Not so. The puppies in the shop window come from large puppy breeding facilities designed to breed for profit. These puppy farms can not sell to the public, so they sell to pet shops instead. The breeding dogs in those ‘factories’ are the definition of what animal cruelty looks like.

      • E

        Wrong again Dr.! At the Pets Paradise store I worked at puppy factories were NOT supported and a lot of the animals we did receive did come from homes within the community! A lot of owners who did sell us their puppies often stated, I’d never do it again, because of the money they have spent on keeping up to date with worming/food/car and some had already given their first vaccinations! Often the entire family came in to drop off the puppies, and the children were crying to say goodbye!

        Sounds like horrible conditions!

      • I don’t dispute that Pets Paradise will take puppies bred by individuals in the community: they will take any puppy if the price is right – no questions asked. But that’s not how the majority of puppies are sources. Most puppies are bred by large scale dog breeding ‘farms’. When I say this, I speak from personal experience at the RSPCA.

      • E

        No we don’t take any animal, I often rejected many animals, and if an animal did not pass a vet check, we would not accept it!

        We had a register of people who supported puppy farms that we did not buy from and if we suspected they were from a puppy farm we would not take them and pass on their details accordingly!

        Obviously you only believe one side of the story, and yes pets paradise isn’t perfect but when it comes to providing animals with care it’s pretty close!

      • I don’t ‘believe one side of the story’ – I am a witness to the ‘story’ as a Veterinarian employed by the RSPCA for 5 years.
        You are obviously a manger at Pets Paradise so if you want to defend your brand, please list the business names of the puppy suppliers you use and their contact details. My readers would love to see the situation with their own eyes.

      • E

        Suppliers- you make it sound like we are buying from a busines continually breeding the same dogs! Most of our puppies are from homes who dog might have had a litter with the dog next door, and normally it’s the first and only liter, or a couple with two dogs and after the first litter stop!

      • I am sorry but I don’t believe you. Are you suggesting that all the hundreds of puppies in the many Pets Paradise franchises are bred by one-time breeders? The numbers just don’t add up your way. Your refusal to reveal the contact details of the puppy breeders is the proof of your deception. After all, if they are legitimate breeders, why are they afraid of being named? Or are you just a Pets Paradise PR person wearing an ill-fitting mask?

  4. E

    How can you say you don’t believe me when I speak from experience! Nope a sales assistant at the bottom of the food chain, I owe pets paradise nothing and don’t care for protecting all the stores, but you can’t generalize and say all pets paradise”s because it’s not true.

    Yes in my many years working there I hardly ever saw the same people come through a lot, once or twice but this was often a long time in between! Obviously we are shut and I can’t give you the names because there are that many, I could tell you our supplier of fish… The one gentleman who we saw fortnightly?!

    While we were open it would have been nice if you came into the store, did a day a week there so you could see all the runnings of the business because obviously we have nothing to hide! And for the two stores I was apart of, I absoutely can say NO PUPPY FARMS were supported!

    • I consider you a liar because your claims – that the hundreds of puppies sold every day by Pets Paradise franchises are bred by ‘nice families’, are simply absurd. You may as well argue that all the potatoes sold by a major supermarket chain are grown by hobby farmers.

      You can redeem yourself by providing contact details of the breeders supplying the puppies for the franchise. My readers would love to visit and see the breeding conditions for themselves. And while you are at it, how about supplying real, verifiable contact details about yourself. I am not hiding behind an alias so why should you?

      Until you provide this information, I will consider you to be a liar and a Puppy Farming defender and you comments will no longer be welcome on this forum.

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