Is Kristen Stewart Responsible Enough To Keep The Dog?

Robert and Kristen with Bear in happier days together

With the Robert Pattinson – Kristen Stewart breakup in all the news, the new centre of the attention is the couple’s dog Bear. The couple adopted Bear together from a New Orleans dog shelter and now Robert wants to keep dog for himself but Kristen wouldn’t give him up without a fight.

It appears inevitable (as things do these days) that things will be headed for the courts. And once there, the judge will have a tough decision to make.

Given Kristen’s admitted infidelity, does her betrayal of her partner disqualify her from the right to keep the couple’s dog?

It has been well demonstrated that people who torture animals are likely to go on to commit crimes against humans. Could it be argued in reverse, that dishonest, deceitful humans are more likely to act in the same way towards their pets?


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