It’s The Law, Not The Victim That Needs Muzzling


A 77-year-old woman was sentence to time in prison for owning dogs which barked at night :

The noise occurs primarily during the overnight hours, year-round. The most recent complaint, on July 4, was reported at 1:05 a.m., according to Bado.

Officers dispatched to investigate those complaints have become ear-witnesses.
“The officers would stop several doors down … sit … and listen,” before approaching Creighton’s house, Bado said.

“The last couple of complaints, our officers personally signed themselves, just so there was no accusation it was a neighbor dispute,” Bado said.’

I hate the noise of a dog barking at night as much as the next guy, but I fail to see how sending the old woman to jail will remedy the situation. What this person clearly needs is help, not imprisonment.

On a lighter note, this is possibly the only article I have ever read that contains the word ‘ear-witness’.

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