Could Dog Shelters Be Fabricating Torture Stories To Drum Up Donations?


Something fishy is going one when an animal shelter publicizes a story of a dog’s abduction and torture, only to change it to a car accident:

MARS issued a statment on its website and Facebook Thursday seeing help with Cesar’s medical bill, and referring to the incident as an abduction and torture. The Twin Cities news media, including KARE, ran the the story.

Police said on Friday that while the investigation is ongoing, the physical evidence shows that the injuries were not consistent with Cesar being beaten or stabbed.’

As someone who has treated countless dogs injured in car accidents, I know that car injuries are characteristic and unmistakable. Most typical of those is the drag caused by the bitumen on the skin. Naturally, a story of a dog described as ‘abducted and tortured’ without a good reason would beg the question why?

Anyone working in animal welfare knows the difference good publicity makes on donations and income. Nothing resonates with the public more then victims of cruelty. Could the animal shelter have ‘bent the truth’ just a little to make the story should more appealing? You be the judge.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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