Broken Fences – Not Earthquake To Blame For Increase In Dog Attacks


Christchurch – a city that recently experienced a major earthquake, has recorded a sharp increase in dog attacks. Some blame the stress of the earthquake:

‘But the region’s earthquakes have made some dogs, like humans, increasingly anxious, with some even becoming aggressive.

Dog Guru managing director Simon Goddall, who runs dog behaviour training courses across the country, said his company was dealing with more anxious and aggressive dogs.

Dogs were “really, really sensitive” and felt every little aftershock, he said.

“It impacts them a lot more. The best dog can snap if pushed enough.”

Some dogs had “lost their confidence”, some had developed separation anxiety and others were feeling insecure at home.’

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries on earth. It also has one of the lowest dog aggression rates in the world. So what caused the Christchirch dogs to snap? Here is a much more plausible explanation:

Christchurch City Council animal control team leader Mark Vincent said the increase was mainly because of quake damage to fences, meaning some properties could no longer contain dogs safely.

He did not not expect the trend to increase, but said the numbers were unlikely to drop just yet as many of the affected properties had still not been fixed.’

That’s right, many of the fences were damaged during the earthquake giving many dogs an opportunity to roam free. Some of these dogs have inevitably caused injury or threatened the public. A much less exotic explanation, I know. But much closer to the truth.

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