Your Dog Could Cost You 90 Days In Jail

You would have though that only irresponsible dog owners go to jail. You would be wrong:

‘Residents of Schenectady who are convicted of dog-related offenses have to buy liability insurance to pay for medical expenses of anyone bitten by their animals.

The city council voted Monday to require the special insurance for owners convicted of two loose-dog offenses or one dangerous-dog offense.

The insurance must cover all dogs the owner ever has, even if the owner gets rid of the dog involved in the original offense.

Owners who ignore the law face up to 90 days in jail.

The law was proposed after several people were mauled by loose dogs and the dog owners didn’t have any money for medical expenses, so the victims had to pay for it themselves.’

A ‘loose-dog offence’ doesn’t have to involve aggression of injury, by the way. A dog which growled or frightened someone while unrestrained in a public area could be slapped with a ‘loose-dog offence’.

So the owner’s ‘crime’ in this case would be not buying their dog insurance. And that alone would be punishable with jail time.

Then again, if every citizen can be requited to buy health insurance or go to jail, why not dogs too?


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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