Wound You Buy A Bus Ticket For Your Dog?

A woman in China took a puppy with her on a bus. When other passengers companied, she bought her puppy a ticket:

‘The young woman, who comes from Ningbo, Zhejiang province, initially put her puppy on a seat without paying for it. This caused some disapproval from other passengers. Realizing this, without saying anything, she swiped her bus card once more for her dog.

The Nanjing Transport said that passengers are not allowed to take public transportation with pets and taxis can also refuse to take passengers with pets. Guide dogs are also not allowed on public transportation in Nanjing, though they are in North America, Europe and other developed regions around the world.’

I would have thought that a puppy of that size could be comfortably cradled in a person’a arms without inconveniencing other passengers.

Still, a ticket would at least placate those who feel that the dog is taking advantage of the public transport system.

Would the same event cause disapproval in the US or Europe? Probably not, but then again in China you don’t find guide dogs walking into restaurants.

The only dogs in China’s restaurants are the ones on the menu.

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