Some Pit Bulls Save Lives

Despite what you may have heard in the news, not all Pit Bulls kill and maim people. Some Pit Bulls save lives:

‘The six-year-old pit bull named Titan initially won the award for his actions when owner Gloria Benton suffered an aneurysm and fractured her skull, My Fox Atlanta reports.

Mrs Benton’s husband John was about to leave home for work last July when Titan began running back and forth between the couple’s bedroom and the front door, alerting John that something was wrong.

Mr Benton went into the bedroom and found Gloria had collapsed.

“What the doctor said, had it not been for this dog, if he had let me leave that house, she would have either bled to death or the aneurysm would have killed her,” Mr Benton said.’

I was attracted to this story because the saviour-dog was a Pit Bull.

There is another point to be made here: a dog loves and cares for the well being of their owner. He would risk his life to defend his owner. We all have heard this and accept this as a given. And yet it is incredible. It transcends our understanding of an animal brain and of the mechanisms of natural selection.

I find this an extraordinary thing. Don’t you?

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