Don’t Clone Your Dog Until You Read This!

A couple has cloned their Labrador named Lancelot for a cool $155,000:

‘The Ottos generated plenty of buzz and appeared on TODAY after they spent $155,000 to clone their beloved dog Lancelot. They cherished the dog so much that they had the foresight to collect his DNA before he died of cancer in 2008. Lancey came a short time later, born to a surrogate Irish setter in South Korea.

“We have gotten some negative feedback from people on the price,” Edgar Otto told TODAY’s Al Roker in January 2009. “But we feel it is worth it.”

I must admit, I admire the family’s dedication to their dog. However, if you are contemplating cloning your own dog, there are some drawbacks to consider.

1. It will not be the same dog. We all love out dog. He is the best dog. But a clone is still a different dog. Think of the differences between identical twins  who also have identical genetic make-up. Other factors play a great role so a clone may turn out to be a completely different dog.

2. The health risks for a clone are much greater. You may remember, Dolly the cloned sheep died from cancer. There is a recognised increased risk of cancer and other diseases for a cloned animal.

3. This is going on a tangent a little, but think of all the dogs right now languishing in a dog pound that a $155,000 could help. There are some great dogs waiting to be adopted near you. They are not the dog you had, but each of them is the best dog in their own way.

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  1. That is an insane amount of money to pay! Gosh! I would have adopted another dog of the same breed!

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