Proof That Having A Dog Makes You Healthier. Or Happier. Or Both.

A research study has shown that young children in families with dogs are healthier and have fewer infections:

‘Children with a household pet, especially a dog, were considered healthier overall, had fewer respiratory-tract symptoms and fewer ear infections and were given antibiotics less often than those without a pet. Infants whose family dog spent up to six hours a day in the house had the best health history. They were 62 percent less likely to have an ear infection and about half as likely to have needed antibiotics, for example.’

Some have claimed that this study is weak as it relies on written recollections of parents. Parents with dogs, that argument goes, don’t recollect as many of the negative events which happened to their children.

But to me that’s not a weakness. If parents with dogs see the life in better light, with fewer negative distractions, that’s still a sign that dogs are good for your health. Maybe dog’s help your emotional health instead. Either way the dog owners benefit.

So it seems beyond doubt that a dog makes you either happier or healthier. Or both. Either way, I will take it.


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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