The Revenge Of The Cat Owners. But The Cat Isn’t In On The Joke

Sick of having the dogs and their owners run the show? Want to make a ‘cats rule’ statement in style? Here is a product for you. That’s right, a dog-shaped scratching post for your feline:

‘You’ve never seen a more beautiful scratching post with more humor! The dog, cast in polyester resin and subsequently wrapped with sisal cord, not only protects your furniture from unwanted scratch marks, it also allows your cat to sharp their claws on their natural ‘enemy’. For us, this dog is not only a very practical scratching post, but rather an absolute design-must-have.’

It’s a shame that your kitty will not be in on a joke. In humans the sense of vision predominates. We recognise something because of the way its’ three-dimensional shape resembles something else.

Cats just don’t see the world like that. For them the lack of smell and the difference in texture will ensure that the dog-shaped scratching post will be seen as just that – a scratching post. Still, a cat scratching a dog – what a delicious irony.


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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