Anaheim Police Dog Attack – What Went Wrong

Police dogs are a powerful weapon. A unique and often indispensable weapon. But just like any weapon, they should be used in the right way or the consequences are dire.

The footage below shows what happens when a Police dog is used incorrectly:

A Police chase is not the same as crowd control. When chasing a criminal the dog is required to disable the criminal and bring him to the ground. In a crowd control environment a dog is expected to hold his ground keeping the rioters ‘in check’ with minimal force.

Watch the video above – the dog reacts suddenly charging into the crowd and picking out one person for attack. Other rioters inevitably get in the way. It is almost certain to me that an attack-type command was given to the dog. The Police Officer, realising his mistake is seen trying to restrain the dog.

From the footage it is impossible to know what prompted the Officer to issue the command but the fact remains – a dogs is a powerful, intelligent Police weapon, but he will only do what the handler requires. Releasing the dog in the wrong moment is like pulling the trigger by mistake – deadly!

Right now, I am sure questions are being asked behind the scenes how such an error of judgement has been allowed to occur.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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    oh my god i hate cops.

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